• Our story

    We're a production company led by experienced Swedish-Kiwi director, Arvid Eriksson. We bring the age old art of storytelling to this new-fangled digital world.

    We're not talking about once-upon-a-times, or happily-ever-afters. It's about creating films that are authentic, human, and importantly, coherent. We're completely dedicated to the craft of film-making, in more than just a technical sense. Rhythm and flow, visual poetry, and lightness of touch. Every piece of content needs it.

  • Team

    Our small team, gives us great flexibility and ability to meet all budget levels. Our size enhances (not compromises) the creative. It means we can bring in the very best specialists for each job, and you never pay for dead weight. Plus, Arvid's depth of experience in producing, directing, shooting, and editing means we can control the whole process from start to finish.


    Our office is located on Adelaide Street in central Auckland, just behind Allpress Cafeteria. It's an open flexible space where we make all sort of wonderful visual things. Here we can plan and execute your next project. From post-it note, to camera to edit suite - this space is built for fast streamlined turn around.

    What's more, we share space with Established Group, graphic designers and web developers. Great people to have close at hand.